beauty from the broken//


hey sisters. this has been on my heart this week so I thought I’d share.

beauty can come from your brokenness. let me say it again; beauty can come from your brokenness. let that rest in your heart and your soul for just a minute, filling the tiny cracks and bumps and bruises on your heart from all the wrong decisions you’ve made. see I’m not glorifying or even celebrating the brokenness, I’m simply acknowledging that beauty can spring from it. haven’t you ever seen beautiful wildflowers springing up from the cracks in the otherwise worn cement ground?


grasp onto the power of Psalm 147:3. “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” don’t you see that at the very core of His heart God has a plan of restoration for our lives?

jesus dying on the cross was not beautiful. i don’t want to throw a party about it. in fact, it makes my stomach hurt thinking of the horrific sacrifice he made. he so PERFECT, so BLAMELESS, was made to be literally broken. but goodness, the beauty that came from it. it’s the very apex of our faith. see God had a plan of restoration for Jesus too. he literally bound up his wounds and restored him three days later. john 1:14 says the Son of man came in grace and truth. because of this God has given us grace. grace so sufficient it turns our brokenness into beauty. 


post 3

sisters!! get this!! we are no longer under the law, we are under grace. wow, powerful am i right? so why are we still living like we are under the bondage of our sins? yes, so you mess up. i mess up too. its what we do as humans, unfortunately we sin. but God is so much more powerful than our sins. our biggest mess-ups could be our greatest testimonies. i encourage you to live loved as Lysa TerKeurst would say (check out uninvited for a great read) and also to live in the confidence that God’s grace is enough. it covers ALL.


you are beautiful, even through your brokenness.


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