april book review

book 6

i have to admit something. i’m a bibliophile. ever since i could sneak my mom’s harlequin romance novels (haha), i’ve always had my nose in a book. Gilmore Girls is my all time favvvvorite TV show simply because of all the book and movie references. i could totally see myself being BFF’s with Rory Gilmore.

i don’t think i’ve ever related more to Rory then when in her graduation speech she said, “I live in two worlds. One is a world of books.” anyways, i digress from the topic of Gilmore Girls, because let’s be honest I could discuss that for hours.

i was really inspired by Giselle at HopelessBookLover to start sharing and talking about the books I’m reading. so i decided a fun way to that is with a monthly book review! yay!

this month i’ve read much more than the four books I’m going to share, but these books made the most impact. i simply can’t get them out of my head. kind of like I have a little book hangover.

book 3

  1. MISS MATCH by Erynn Mangnum 

it should be noted that this is book 1 of the Lauren Holbrook series. Y’ALL i relate to Lauren (the main character) SO much in this book, of course minus the matchmaking ;). Lauren loves chocolate and coffee and rom-coms, and is set on staying single. she puts herself in comical situations, and i spent majority of my time smiling and/or laughing at her antics. i loved that while this is technically a “christian” book, it also portrays REAL LIFE. people can i say how hard that is to find in a christian romance novel?! as a twenty something this book felt like a glimpse into a close friend’s (and sometimes my own) life. i have a feeling Lauren and I would be good friends in real life. great job ms. mangnum!

book review 1

2.   KEEP IT SHUT by Karen Ehman

let me be transparent and honest when i say i bought this book as a sort of joke. my mom has always said that i have a sassy mouth, but i never saw this as a “real issue” in my life until recently. i started realizing words have real power. in this book Ehman gives not only practical, but biblical advice when dealing with matters of the tongue. one phrase that really stuck with me was to pause before you pounce. i recommend EVERYONE to read this book!

book 8

3.   DEAR MR. KNIGHTLEY by Katherine Reay

if you are a fan of the classics, then my friends, this delightful book is for you. so many references from Austen, Shakespeare, and Dickens to make any literature lover swoon. while reading this book i experienced a myriad of emotions, but all impacted my heart. laced with humor, love, and sorrow this book is best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea & a cozy blanket (also perhaps some tissues too, if you are sensitive like me).

book 4

4.    ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING by Max Lucado 

i mentioned here, that i have struggled with anxiety for the last few years. from pinning stress-less lists to trying herbal supplements, i have searched for a way to help alleviate that impending and crippling fear that anxiety brings to my life. while yes, essential oils 100% help with this, the power and peace of God is how i continue to face the fears in my life. this book was a reminder that His peace is everlasting and surpasses all understanding. Lucado reminds readers to peer through the scope of God’s sovereignty with prayer in order to face fears. if you or someone you know is struggling with maintaining an outlook of calm over his/her life, please go get them this book. like NOW!

book 5

hopefully you enjoyed my short reviews! even if you decide that these books are not for you to read, I hope it inspires you to take a look at your bookshelf (digital or physical—i see all ya kindle readers out there)! maybe it’s been awhile since you lost your self in reading a good book, or you simply just need a good recommendation, whatever it is, GET READING FRIENDS. reading makes you happy, 100!!

book 2


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