my current happy list//

hi ya friends!! happy summer (like WOW, already?!), i thought i’d do a fun post & share what’s on my current happy list. grab an iced coffee & enjoy!!

happy 6

  1. my new baby cactus that i named Clyde. i found him at the natchitoches farmer’s market last week. i think he is a golden barrel cactus, but someone please correct me if i’m wrong!!happy 3
  2. speaking of farmer’s markets, my local one has supplied some pretty awesome finds lately! these LA blackberries grown just a town away, were absolutely delicious! anyone else feel closer to the earth and God’s creation when you eat local? happy 1
  3. these pilot frixion pastel highlighters can seriously make a bible journaling girl swoon. not only are they pretty, but THEY ERASE!! hallelujah!! you can literally find them at walmart (here’s the link) #notsponsored #lolwalmartwouldntsponsormeanyways
  4. the sunshine!! this white girl is trying to work on her tan 😉 happy 7
  5. encouraging friends. victoria you made my happy list; surprise, not so surprise. thank you for always going out of your way to be the best possible friend and encourager!! i treasure your Godly advice and wisdom. #thelmaandlouiseforever happy 8
  6. Harlow’s donuts. if you know me, you the obsession I have!! also shout out to my sweet friend amanda for helping me continue the addiction with a gift card!! love you!
  7. the smell of rain.
  8. random wildflowers growing along the edge of the highway. find beauty in the broken people!! happy 2
  9. the book victoria gave me to read, 25 Questions You’re Afraid to Ask About Love, Sex, and Intimacy by Dr. Juli Slattery. i’ve only read a couple chapters & some that victoria shared with me, BUT ITS SO GOOD FRIENDS. here’s a fav quote: “Your body was created to be sexual and to experience sexual pleasure as part of the image of God. Your sexual drive speaks to the innate, God-given passion to connect, commit, celebrate, and share yourself in the most intimate way with another human being.” Sex is not “bad” or “shameful” as some christians tend to associate with it. Sex is beautiful and intimate, and is intended to be experienced within the confines of marriage.
  10. mint and blueberry water. go try it, it’s good. also go check my insta highlights for it, you won’t be sorry!!
  11. the Spanish language. it’s hard and confusing at times, but it makes me SO happy to be attempting to learn it. happy 9
  12. MercyMe- Grace Got You. SUCH a good song!! here’s the link for a listen, guarantee you’ll be smiling while also performing embarrassing dance moves (oh wait, that might just be me?)

what’s making you happy right now?! comment below!!

1 peter 1:8-9



3 thoughts on “my current happy list//

  1. My babies! Chaco Latte and The Duke! Insta: @chacolatte0726_duke1225 and my hubby, Cody. Blessed to have them through school! Love this list and now I want a Harlow’s donut. 😭

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