radiant//my everyday makeup routine


hello friends!! i just returned from a week spent with my church’s youth group on a mission trip to Mission Arlington in Arlington, TX. it was an awesome experience to see young girls and guys sharing the love of Christ.

while on the trip, i prepared a few short bible studies to do with the girls. when praying about which passages to study, God reminded me of some of my past struggles when I was their age. one of those struggles was my beauty. like so many teenage girls (& even older!!) i struggled with the image i saw in the mirror. so, i felt the Spirit urge me to talk about being radiantly beautiful. 

100% this message still applies to me, even though I’m in my twenties. unfortunately, beauty is and always will be something that most women/girls struggle with. however, when we have those days where we just don’t feel beautiful, we can claim the promise found in Psalm 34:5:

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”

the definition of radiant is not only to sparkle, but to also flow. put simply: when looked upon, the light is being moved in such away that it sparkles & ebbs all over the face.

stunning, isn’t it? we are THAT when our hearts and eyes are focused on Jesus. His light fills us on the inside so much, it literally radiates on the outside. a glorious internal beauty projected outwardly.

i also want to spend a moment recognizing that the verse says “never covered with shame.” as humans, shame is an emotion that haunts a lot of our hearts. i was at a christian conference a few months ago, and the speaker pointed out that God never intended humans to feel shame. in Genesis 2:25 we see that they felt no shame. but, that changed when The Fall took place (refer to Genesis 3:7). Satan tempted them here with being “like God” and “knowing good and evil.” but, have you ever thought to think about the fact that God didn’t design it for us to know these things, because perhaps He was protecting our hearts? He didn’t want our hearts to feel those emotions (i.e. like shame) that come from having the knowledge that the tree of the knowledge of good and evil offered. can you imagine what it would be like to have never felt shame?

i used this to encourage the girls, that yes we all have days where we feel like we look like a, and i quote from Kels, “a wet potato” BUT, we know that our true beauty comes from Him inside of us.


ALLLLLL of that being said, i thought it’d be super fun to share my everyday makeup routine with y’all! to me, makeup is about enhancing the natural beauty that’s already there, not trying to look like a completely different person.

disclaimer: i’m not a beauty guru, nor do i claim to be one. in the above picture, my eyebrows are crazy messy, but that’s okay because i’m not perfect. i also by no means wear makeup everyday, but when i do i usually do this routine.


FIRST, before i put anyyyyy makeup on my face I do four things daily: gently cleanse, moisturize, jade roll, & apply SPF. i do these even if i am not wearing makeup! this mad hippie eye cream is my new skincare obsession, and i love jade rolling my under eyes after i apply it because it de-puffs them. i cannot stress how important SPF is. skin cancer is no bueno, girlfriend!

now, on to the actual EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE: 

mk 9

  1. TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY FULL COVERAGE FOUNDATION: i apply this all over my face & it provides a really nice light to medium coverage. it is really buildable if you are more of a full coverage foundation gal!
  2. ECO TOOLS ANGLED KABUKI BRUSH: this is the brush i use to apply the Tarte foundation & it’s awesome. it really helps buff all the product into the skin.
  3. ECO TOOLS MAKEUP BLENDER: this sponge is what i would use to apply concealer under my eyes with. i bought both this and the beauty blender, and my honest opinion is that this works the same, if not better.  (i ran out of my concealer recently which is why there is none pictured.)
  4. TARTE AMAZONIAN CLAY MATTE WATERPROOF BRONZER: this stuff is my absolute favorite. i am scraping the pan with my brush, because i’ve had it so long. i like that it makes me look tan without being orangey or dirty looking.
  5. BARE MINERALS INVISIBLE GLOW HIGHLIGHTER: i love, love, love this highlighter. it is so natural looking, and gives you the best glow without being glittery or too shimmery!
  6. ALMAY BROW PENCIL: to be honest my eyebrows are pretty dang thick, so usually i just use the spoolie end of this to brush them into place. occasionally, i’ll set them with a brow gel, but let’s get real, i’m too lazy to do that most days.
  7. PIXI BY PETRA EXTRA EYE BRIGHT LINER EXTRA BRIGHT: apply this to your waterline to look instantly awake! 
  8. TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA: first off, i hate the name; but, i have to say i do genuinely like this mascara. it volumizes without clumping up.
  9. BAREMINERALS GEN NUDE MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK: this in the color “cookie” and GIRL i’m obsessed. my fav color no doubt.
  10. FRESH SUGAR HONEY TINTED LIP TREATMENT SUNSCREEN: this is perfect for swiping on a dash of color while still moisturizing your lips. i find myself reaching for this most days if i’m not wearing #9.


(can you tell my favorite color is blush pink?!)


i don’t know if it’s the southern girl in me or if i’m really my mother’s daughter but i do love me some LIPS (my mom and grandmother always called lipstick or lipgloss “lips” so i do too).

momma always said growing up that you were never completely ready unless you had your lips on. i guess as i’ve gotten older that has really stuck with me, because lipsticks/stains are my absolute favorite makeup products. i’m especially fond of liquid lipstick because it’s fool proof & lasts alllllll day!

remember: makeup is fun & so, embrace the natural beauty God blessed you with. for me, i really like the shape of my lips because they are pretty full. i love enhancing them more with lipstick! for you, it might be your eyes. just do you, girl!


P.S. also i didn’t get hardly any pictures on my phone from the trip, but aren’t my girls just so RADIANT?!


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