apartment tour//living in transition


HELLO there lovely friends! welcome to my new cozy little home for the next two years! i thought it would be fun to share a mini apartment tour with y’all, and chat about living in a transitional time!

first, i want to note that my apartment is not “finished.” (as if anything in my life ever is, haha!) second, i want you to know that this apartment is simultaneously a blessing and a representation of change in my life. third, you may not like my “style,” and dude that’s cool with me.


welcome to my living room. it’s colorful & bright, just like my personality (insert smirking emoji here). i wanted this space to be comfortable, but also make me smile when i look around the room. the pictures, plants, & lots of light make me happy.


you’re entering my kitchen now. how sweet is the note my momma wrote?! ALSO let’s play a short game of I spy: something magnetic, something mexican, something that reminds me of the greatest place ever ever ever (dramatic, much?!). if you guessed: THE MERIDA, YUCATAN MAGNET. ding ding ding, we have a winner. also real quick i have to share the story behind the magnet, because i think it’s cute and cool. if you look closely you can see a man and woman sitting in these chairs that are facing each other. these chairs are called Las Sillas Confidentes or i’ve also heard them called Tú y Yo (you and me). legend has it that a local man found out his daughter was being courted by a young village man. he was not happy about this, so he decided that the couple could only see each other at the park benches. the father then realized that these benches provided an easier opportunity for the couple to be physically close. so in turn, he created the silla tú y yo. this refers to the position of the chairs, so that the couple could look each other in the eyes and talk to each other, but also maintain a greater physical distance.


ya girl has alllllll the essentials:

-mermaid salt & pepper shakers √check

-floral tea kettle √check

-cute kitchen towels √check 


how precious is this bar cart? i had seen them on pinterest, and thought it would be a cool visual piece for my apartment since i have this kind of awkwardly long hallway. I love the letter board displayed on it, and I plan to frequently change the different phrases and verses to keep my inspiration fresh!


getting ya with that close up shot (wink)! also i found these tiny candles on Etsy. the scents are: sexy librarian, old books, and bookstore. i’m obsessed. literally. 


now that you’ve made it through the awkwardly long hallway, welcome to my bedroom. yes, blush pink is my favorite color. yes, that’s a unicorn on my bed. judge me all you want, see if i care. 


my room is my “least completed” area of the apartment. i don’t have an actual bed yet or all my decorations hung. but it’s cool. ya girl got a comfy mattress so i’m good! i also want to mention that i found this Gracelaced painting at Kirklands. i might have screamed in the store when i saw it. if you haven’t checked out Ruth Chou Simmons, the amazing creator behind Gracelaced, you are seriously missing out!


this chest of drawers i found at an antique shop here in town, and i love it. it’s pink and yellow, with some painted florals on the bottom half. majority of my stuff came from little shops like this. the hunt is fun to me!!


this corner of my room is probably my favorite. it’s ultra feminine, but with a touch of rustic feels.


i found this self at another little antique shop, and y’all, it’s so cute! I CAN’T EVEN!! however, it’s not as cute as the picture of me and Carelly!


thanks for letting me show you around my new place! i’m praying this verse over my new space:

“Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayer that is made in this place. For now I have chosen and consecrated this house that my name may be there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there for all time.” -2 Chronicles 7:15-16

i want God welcomed into my new place. even if you aren’t moving, you can still pray this over your own home. let the eyes of your heart be open to Him, friends.

i have to say, it feels weird being back into my own space after having lived with my parents for the last eight months. and it definitely feels odd to come out of the transitional phase my life has been in.

i’m starting a new adventure, but i also feel the need to acknowledge how much the Lord has grown me during my time of transition. All the glory to Him. during that time I’ve been able to:

  1. start this blog
  2. lead a women’s small group
  3. serve in Mérida (2x!!)
  4. experience deep community with other believers
  5. discover new passions like photography
  6. facilitate the start of mentorship at church with youth girls
  7. learn more about the parts of my life that I need to continually surrender to the Lord
  8. build friendships
  9. savor time with my family
  10. work at an amazing job with amazing people
  11. have my faith go through the process of the “olive press”
  12. love God more
  13. learn how to be a better encourager
  14. have peace
  15. experience discipleship

i could really list at least ten more things, but for the sake of how long this post will be i won’t. to be honest, i was not excited about graduating last December. i thought i was going to be bored and stuck at “home.” currently laughing to myself, because God knew what He was doing when He told me to wait to apply to grad schools. 

He gave me this incredible opportunity to really hit pause on a bunch of life distractions, and focus completely on Him and serving Him. it brings tears to my eyes, when i think about this. hold tight to the verse from Ecclesiastes that says everything is beautiful in His timing, friends. it is so, so true. 

i feel the need to also share that when I graduated in December, i felt like my faith was slowly slipping from my grasps. i was confused on things i thought i had a firm stance on. i was confused as to why i had certain christian friends who felt like they “heard from God” all the time, but i didn’t feel this way. i felt like going to church was an obligation that was a part of my spiritual journey. i wasn’t in any type of deep community. i was partaking in sinful situations. i was frustrated with myself and God. Thankfully, the Lord pulled me out of all of this. 

i write all of this to say, that right now my faith and relationship with God is the deepest it has ever been. but, i also say this as a reminder that if you feel like i did, try removing distractions (social media, friends, boys, etc.) and spend some time seeking the Lord. just you and Him. that relationship should be the most important one in your life, don’t neglect it like I did.

FRIENDS, I hope you enjoyed this post! If you made it to the end, comment below 3 things that made you happy this week!

mine are:

  1. coffee. lots of coffee.
  2. encouragement from friends.
  3. PLANTS.


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