hi, friends!

on Saturday I turned twenty-two (YAY!? haha). Here are 22 things life has taught me so far:

1.  be confident in who you are. if you’re a little weird, be a little weird. 

2. there’s nothing coffee and Jesus can’t fix. truth y’all.

3. your hurt isn’t an excuse to give up. 

4. momma knows best, so just call her first.

5. be kind. 

6. no one is perfect. not you, not anyone. so, stop expecting them to be.

7. go out and explore. travel. lots. see the world God created for you. 

8. love like Jesus. we don’t always get to choose who is around us, but we do have the choice to love them. 

9. if you’re wrong, just admit it and move on.

10. watch the sunset, it’s beautiful.

11. find what you’re passionate about, and then pursue it.

12. always say, “yes, ma’am,” “please,” and “thank you.”

13. when in doubt, girl, pray it out.

14. be grateful for what you have. you have no idea how many people in this world do not have clean water or food or clothing or shelter. you are blessed, don’t take it for granted. 

15. sad? nothing Chick-fil-a nugs and a little blast of Shania won’t cure. 

16. serve others. volunteer. donate. i don’t care, but find a way to do something that doesn’t revolve around you. 

17. don’t rush so much. savor the little things.

18. long walks are the best way to clear your mind. 

19. can’t decide what to watch on Netflix? Gilmore Girls is always my answer.

20. it’s okay to ask for help. you aren’t a freaking superhero.

21. quality friends are better than a quantity of them.  

22. embrace Esther 4:14. no matter what you’re going through or what stage of life you’re in, God created you to be there for a purpose. 


praying for another blessed year. i’m beyond grateful for this beautiful life.


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