lately list/life update

hello beautiful humans! how are y’all? here is a little life update for ya: so yes, still in grad school, still stressed. finding community at church, which is awesome. currently over caffeinated. made a bookstagram: @riahreads go follow if you’re into reading romcoms like me. learning navigate certain relationships in my life have been a little tough, but that’s okay because we’re over here tryin’ to learn how to love people well, even when it’s hard. very hard. I recently discovered the whole Enneagram thing. I’m a type 2 wing 3. (it’s cool i guess??) wishing y’all a happy Mardi Gras, and here’s hoping you ate a lot of king cake while the gettin’ was good.

^^^me resorting to posting a pic that was taken months ago because I haven’t made time to take any pics :((((((


  • making: time for family and Nals.
  • cooking: more like baking. lotsss of brownies.
  • drinking: too much coffee (is that a thing?)
  • reading: lots of romance. because feb was the month of l-o-v-e.  
  • wanting: a break (thankful for ya mardi gras)
  • looking: at the sky, like hey when are we going to get sunshine again? (spoiler—we got some today!!)
  • playing: Sucker by the Jo Bros. they are backkkkkk
  • wasting: time by scrolling too much on the insta. [guilty]
  • sewing: haha, um…i’m not qualified enough for this one. (same as last time–no improvement)
  • wishing: warmmm weather. the beach!!
  • enjoying: my tuesday night lifegroup. tuesdays always are a struggle, but lifegroup makes it all better.
  • waiting: for another break. i know, i know I’m trying to enjoy school 😉
  • liking: cinnamon in my coffee
  • wondering: why this semester has literally been the craziest (from bats to really hard tests)
  • loving: the book of Ezra.
  • hoping: for fresh blooming flowers without the allergies that come along with them.
  • marveling: at how awesome my parents are. they seriously rock.
  • needing: to have patience with others, even if i don’t understand their actions.
  • smelling: my doterra balance essential oil
  • wearing: scrubs and slp sweatshirt
  • following: all the authors. go check out r.s. grey she’s my fav.
  • noticing: that the Lord is faithful. all the time.  
  • knowing: that it may feel like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You. (go listen to this song).
  • thinking: i have a lot on my to do list.
  • feeling: thankful and very loved.  
  • bookmarking: coffee makers on amazon.
  • opening: my new kindle. it’s suppaa fancy.
  • giggling: at all the bachelor memes while still silently in shockkkk. #fencejump 

hope you enjoyed the list. i first saw the idea from sydney, here.

In way of pictures all I have to offer you is pics of Nals. She’s way cuter than me any way.

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