let’s have a quick chat about motivation. I’m in grad school. I get it, girl, trust me. I am on the motivation struggle bus too! I’m super busy. I have deadlines to meet, clinic sessions to prepare for, group projects to work on; all while trying to be semi-healthy, grow friendships, thrive in community, get more than 4 hours of sleep, work, spend time with family, have a social life, blog, attempt to exercise, paint, read, and just live life well. Often times I find myself running out of steam or loosing site of the purpose of why I am doing the things I am doing. Sometimes I just can’t, okay. Reality is this: We won’t always have high motivation to accomplish our goals, but we can always push ourselves just a little extra to help spark ambition when we lack the drive.

whether it’s school, work, your health, or just your general desire to do better, here are my TOP 5 TIPS FOR MOTIVATION and LIFE GOAL CONQUERING:

  1. BE UNCOMFORTABLE: I already see you rolling your eyes; don’t hate me yet.Getting out of your comfort zone forces you to think differently, therefore causing you to act differently. You need to be challenged to stay motivated. So go take that spin class or challenge yourself to a week of cold showers. I’m going to link this youtube video. (this channel is all about challenging your mind and body to be better and do better)
  2. SET GOALS and TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Know what you want, make a plan to execute it, and then track your progress. This will keep you accountable, and can help motivate you if you need to put more work in to accomplish your goals.
  3. SMALL STEPS INSTEAD OF BIG ONES: If you’re prone toward procrastination like me, it might be a good idea to break your big goals into small benchmarks. This keeps you from being so overwhelmed by huge goals, and it helps facilitate better motivation. You’ll find over time that small steps will lead to big changes.
  4. KEEP DISTRACTIONS AT BAY: We’ve all been there. You get home, you’re tired, you sit on your couch and pick up your phone. Scroll, Scroll, Scroll. You look at the time to suddenly discover an hour has gone by. One tip that really works for me is setting parameters about how long and what time of the day I will engage with social media. This helps me keep comparison from stealing my joy, and it helps with my time management skills so that I can work on the things that really matter.
  5. BE KIND IN THE MESS UPS: You made all this progress, had a great week, and then bam you take your eyes off the prize. Maybe you didn’t go to the gym today or had time to work but chose not to. It’s okay, there is always tomorrow. Speaking positively about yourself and showing yourself grace is so important—-and leads to long term success.

Okay, sis, that’s all the tips I have (for now). Now, GO SLAY YOUR GOALS. #yougotthisgirl

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